Insta-Stalking: Introducing Instagram’s New Editing Tools

We’ve all seen too many people overuse Lo-Fi and Sutro (guilty!) – the 18 different filter options just weren’t enough. As it turns it out, it wasn’t enough for Instagram either. On June 3rd, everyone and their grandma got a beautiful update from Instagram featuring 10 new photo-editing tools along with the ability to adjust the intensity of each filter with the touch of a slide bar.

“All of us [at Instagram] are kind of photo geeks, but we’re trying to bridge the gap between being a photo geek and the rest of the world,” says Peter Deng, director of product at Instagram. “Instagram’s always been about taking these tools that were previously inaccessible … and making them accessible for free for everyone that uses Instagram.”

Here’s how it works:

Renovated features

• Straighten
• Border
• Blur/Tilt Shift
• Crop
• Lux
• Rotate
• Simplified video uploads on iOS

New features

• Adjust
• Brightness
• Contrast
• Warmth
• Saturation
• Highlights
• Shadows
• Vignette
• Sharpen
• Filter Strength

Don’t fret, you’re border option is still there. It can be found in the Filter Strength feature.

Yes, I’ll admit I kind of want to marry my iPhone now. The idea of just shoot, filter, and share is no longer. I, now, daydream of even more beautiful photo ops from the simplest things in life.

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