Etsy Sellers, I’ve Got SEO Tricks You NEED To Know

SEO for Etsy | Anna Crowe

No matter the product, price, or location of your Etsy business, Etsy sellers are always on the hunt for the next big thing that can make their product sell. But, between daily shipping commitments, an affinity for beautiful product photos, and managing customer reviews, selling your products on Etsy is no easy task. So, to help climb this feat of being a boss on Etsy, there’s nothing better than an SEO for Etsy guide to get your Etsy shop back into tip-top shape.

SEO (search engine optimization) can be a little overwhelming to start. Fear not, though: Here’s a whole guide of how to tweak your Etsy shop to navigate the not-so-scary world of SEO.

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How To Set Up The Yoast SEO Plugin In WordPress


How to Set Up the Yoast Plugin in WordPress | Anna Crowe

“SEO” might be a scary-sounding three-lettered term, but it just means making sure your website is clean and spam-free. Once you’ve demystified the word, learning to do it yourself really isn’t so tough. And, Yoast SEO helps perfect your on-site SEO techniques.

We all dream of achieving the high traffic to our website. As a professional SEOer, I see so many clients with their websites in its natural state — only to learn they already have the Yoast SEO plugin installed. They’re just not using it.

To create your awesome SEO strategy, all you need is an open mind — and the Yoast SEO plugin to work in some of the magic. And experimenting with these features that the Yoast SEO plugin already gives you,  will keep your efforts even more on-point; choose one, and you’re SEO’s done.

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How to Install the Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress

How to Install Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress | Anna Crowe

If you’re not already a pro, using WordPress for SEO can be a tough skill to learn. So for a tip on that front, we’re big fans of the Yoast SEO plugin.

As it turns out, there’s been a built-in fix to our SEO woes all along. We just never realized it until we installed this amazing plugin. Now, let’s set some things straight: You do not need any coding experience to install Yoast. Instead, you need a WordPress website and access to login. All you have to do is follow these steps to getting started:

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Why I Use Asana


Why I Use Asana at Hello Anna & Co.

If you’re anything like me, you have big goals for this year. And, one that probably tops the list is to stop procrastinating, and finally get your workspace organized.

But this might be easier said than done, which is why I’ve combed through all project management systems for orderly workflows to inspire a revamp. From flying unicorns to color-coordinated projects, this project management system gives provides me sanity. Ready to stop twiddling your thumbs and start sorting? Let me be your guide!

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How-To Series: Understanding Image File Format Extensions

Understanding file formats

Heyo friend! I’m launching a weekly tips + tools series for you! I wanted to create this type of series to help you learn more about SEO, websites, design, and the basics on understanding WordPress and blogging. The more you learn, the more I learn. Fingers crossed I can stick to my New Year’s resolution! Also, this can be used as a guide for any of my future clients (nudge, nudge) who may not understand a lot of the terms I talk about as well as how to manage a website. So, today I am focusing on understanding file formats, this includes .jpg, .png, .pdf, etc., and when to use them. These different extensions all have different uses and come handy for different types of game plans (web vs. print). Let’s get started!

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Personal Branding vs. Business Branding and Why You Should Be Doing Both

Personal branding vs. business branding

Personal branding is a term you’re probably familiar with in addition to the word branding on its own, but it turns out both of those words are commonly confused with things like having a logo and the colors that are on your website.

While those are definitely elements that play in to a brand’s design, they aren’t the core components of your actual brand.

If you find yourself feeling cloudy on what branding means and you have difficulty distinguishing what type of branding you currently have versus what you should have, this one is for you:

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Consistency in Branding Breeds Legitimacy

Consistency in Branding Breeds Legitimacy

Authenticity was a big buzzword in branding for awhile, okay we’re not fooling anyone, it’s still a buzzword, but there’s another one making the rounds lately that we think could use some clarification.

That word is consistency.

We hear “be consistent with your branding” and your “consistent brand image,” and although it seems like a lot of people have the gist of the meaning, we think the application of being consistent is a little tougher to nail down.

So here’s our breakdown of how consistency in branding breeds your legitimacy:

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6 of the Best Branding Resources for Your Biz

6 of the Most Killer Branding Resources For You & Your Biz

Anything and everything you could need to know as it relates to branding can be found on the internet, but you already know that. But what you may not know is that a lot of the branding content out there actually doesn’t do a great job at explaining the true mechanics of a successful brand and can steer you down the wrong path.

For example, the number of articles out there that talk about branding strictly from a design standpoint with no other insight behind your brand far outweighs the good stuff that encompasses strategy, content and design.

Since we’re guessing you would like to do things successfully from the get-go when it comes to your brand, here are our tried and true resources that we’ve found (and continually returned to) that you can keep in your brand arsenal:

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My Favorite Post-Workout Yoga Routine

Here at Hello Anna Branding, I’ve officially hopped on the fitness bandwagon again. Thanks to Hammer Smith Sports, I’m back at training to make the Atlanta Silverbacks Women’s soccer team (wish me luck!). Working on my speed and agility in addition to strength training is wonderful. But, the stress on my joints and muscle tightness it can cause is enough to make me walk funny. Not so wonderful. Fortunately, our friends over at Grokker have the answer: a yoga routine that stretches the hips and quads and all those body parts that get tense from your working out. And, you don’t need any fancy equipment to get your Oms on. Just follow along with Grokker’s user-friendly video after your next workout; your body and mind will thank you in the next day. 



Insta-Stalking: Introducing Instagram’s New Editing Tools

We’ve all seen too many people overuse Lo-Fi and Sutro (guilty!) – the 18 different filter options just weren’t enough. As it turns it out, it wasn’t enough for Instagram either. On June 3rd, everyone and their grandma got a beautiful update from Instagram featuring 10 new photo-editing tools along with the ability to adjust the intensity of each filter with the touch of a slide bar.

“All of us [at Instagram] are kind of photo geeks, but we’re trying to bridge the gap between being a photo geek and the rest of the world,” says Peter Deng, director of product at Instagram. “Instagram’s always been about taking these tools that were previously inaccessible … and making them accessible for free for everyone that uses Instagram.”

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