Insta-Stalking: Introducing Instagram’s New Editing Tools

We’ve all seen too many people overuse Lo-Fi and Sutro (guilty!) – the 18 different filter options just weren’t enough. As it turns it out, it wasn’t enough for Instagram either. On June 3rd, everyone and their grandma got a beautiful update from Instagram featuring 10 new photo-editing tools along with the ability to adjust the intensity of each filter with the touch of a slide bar.

“All of us [at Instagram] are kind of photo geeks, but we’re trying to bridge the gap between being a photo geek and the rest of the world,” says Peter Deng, director of product at Instagram. “Instagram’s always been about taking these tools that were previously inaccessible … and making them accessible for free for everyone that uses Instagram.”

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Working After Dark? What Entrepreneurs Need To Know.

The average entrepreneur tends to work crazy hours with mandatory multitasking. Living off ramen noodles and a 24/7 lifestyle, entrepreneurs often find themselves pushing both as night owls and as morning people. However, these late-nights can often increase the amount of time you’re sitting and also decrease the amount of motivation compared to when you’re an early riser.

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The 3 Best Places To Learn New Skills

It’s no secret that my college degree didn’t exactly give me the life experiences or skills to achieve immediate success. The world of tech is fierce with talent and quintessential start-ups are looking for next best thing (hello, I’m looking at you).

If you want to work in pajamas or an office with a ping-pong table, honing your skills or picking up new helps can help you reach those goals. Or hey, maybe even start your own office with a ping-pong table.

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