On-Site SEO Services

I like to consider my clients dreamers (myself included!), but when it comes turning these BIG business dreams into achievable small business goals, things get a little dicey. This is especially true as the daily grind of your small business grows, pushing your website and SEO into the “maybe someday” category.  That’s why I want to team up with you to give you the chance for search marketing success and share your hopes, dreams, and goals. On-site search engine optimization (on-site SEO) explores your brand’s search presence and discovering new opportunities to engage your customers.  I create an on-site SEO strategy that gives you ownership over keywords, insights your competitors, and puts you on the fast track to SEO success.


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Through research and thorough analysis, I create a recommended list of keywords to target throughout our search engine marketing project. The keyword research will be coupled with a how-to guide along with an exercise that teaches you how to do keyword research yourself.

onsite seo competitor analysis | annaleacrowe

I’ll conduct an SEO competitive analysis of three to five competitors. My clients will receive a spreadsheet of competitors that lists specifics about their competitors keyword targets, meta data, and tools I used to find this data. Clients will have the option to begin creating keyword tracking reports if wanted.

onsite seo optimization | annaleacrowe

I will provide recommendations for page titles, meta descriptions, header tags, internal and external linking, etc. This will also come with on-page SEO how-to guide that will describe the processes I went through to create your on-page SEO strategy. This helps teach my clients on-page SEO along the way.

technical seo audit analytics | annaleacrowe

I will create and establish accounts on Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, and Google Analytics. I will also submit your XML sitemaps, create goals and custom dashboards in Google Analytics. This will also be paired with a how-to guide that will teach you SEO along the way.


I make sure that you know who you’re trying to talk to.

We start with keyword research which sounds a lot fancier than it really is. Once I define your keyword lists, we’ll get laser-focused on two or three keywords that you want your brand to be focused on. Based on your ideal customers, your content and keywords will help you generate leads. Yep, more contact form submissions!

I help you find out what your competitors are doing right (and wrong!)

I’ve found that it’s all too easy for a small business to go off the rails creating a website and writing content without even stalking their competitors. I won’t let that happen to you. I’ll produce a competitive analysis, and help you determine the what your competitors are doing great and not-so-great.

I scale with your on-page SEO needs.

Once you have established an effective keyword strategize, you may decide you’re ready to implement some on-page SEO elements, like meta titles, meta descriptions, h1 tags, and so forth. I’m able to help you create those and teach you how to create those for future use. And, I promise, it’s not that difficult.

I make analytics easy and fun.

I’m just going to bet that right now, if you had to describe Google Analytics for your internal marketing efforts, you would not use the word “fun.” But it can be. Tracking your sales, goal conversions, and referral traffic is actually enjoyable. I create custom dashboards and share a guide on how to use Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Bing Webmaster Tools.

Contact me to get the whole enchilada on how on-site SEO can help your business.

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Don’t be afraid to tell me about your project timeline and budget. I’m straightforward with my pricing and abilities so helps knowing where you’re coming from so I can hit your target.