Technical SEO Audit

On-page SEO and technical SEO are the foundations of getting your website to rank in the search results. While your website may be designed for a clean user experience, you may be missing out on valuable traffic opportunities. My technical SEO audits are handcrafted by me to specifically to create a solid website structure for optimal organic search rankings.

My technical SEO audits are broken down into 20 categories. Below are some of the categories that will be covered in the SEO audit.


technical seo audit content | annaleacrowe

During my technical SEO audit, I’ll perform a full content analysis to discover pages with thin, duplicate, or hidden content. I’ll also pull a list of under-optimized pages with low click through rate and suggestions on how to fix.

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I’ll analyze your site architecture to expose issues to your directory structure and determine if you’re URLs are organized and optimized to a proper keyword mapping. I will pull your broken site links along with recommendations of how to fix.

technical seo audit performance | annaleacrowe

Page load time, caching, and extensive HTTP requests are all things search engines take into consideration when ranking your website. I will dive into your page speed performance and work with your developers to clean up CSS and Javascript.


Here are some of the findings you’ll discover in a technical SEO audit:

    • Keyword mapping paired with site architecture for improved user experience
    • Content analysis
    • Inbound link audit
    • In-depth analysis of page speed and overall website performance
    • Indexing and crawling issues with sitemap and robots.txt
    • On-page SEO revisions (meta data, header tags, image alt tags, etc.)

My technical SEO audits are broken down into 20 different categories each with a recommendation to improve your website for organic ranking success.

I perform an SEO audit during these key times:

  • Every time you launch a new website or campaign
  • Once a year

A technical SEO audit helps to make sure your website is optimized for on-page SEO for increased visibility in the search engines. Most websites have the idea of “build it and they will come,” but with the changes to the Google algorithm, that isn’t always the case. It’s the website performance that pushes the users to come.

After a technical SEO audit, you will see a significant gain in traffic and conversions.

I will deliver my SEO audit findings in Basecamp broken down by tasks. I will continue to provide ongoing support to ensure long-term SEO success. Here’s how:

  • A prioritized action plan in Basecamp that includes step-by-step recommendations for fixing identified problems.
  • Instructional screenshots to implement redirects, schema, CMS changes, and more.
  • Technical SEO training for your internal team.

Technical SEO audits vastly depend on the size of your website and technical discoveries along the way. I try to keep my technical SEO audits delivered within 30 days.



After we agree to the SEO audit, I’ll send over some homework for you to complete. I’ll need login access to your Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, and more. I’ll also ask you to complete a small survey.


Next, I’ll give you access to Basecamp where I list out all of the activities and tasks I will be working on for the next 30 days.


After 30 days, I’ll send you my findings and recommendations in Basecamp. We will work together to begin to implement the changes. I will not make any changes to your website or tools without your approval after the technical SEO audit is completed.


Our typical audits start at $1,000. I put together a custom quote for each client.

The custom quote is dependent on the project duration and scope depending on the domain’s complexity. I take a deep dive into your website structure to determine an estimate of the amount of time needed to spend on your site.

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