Handcrafted Marketing For Small Businesses

The road to your dream business — or, let’s be honest, even just starting your dream biz — can feel daunting. Sure, you’re talented, but how do you translate that into a business that you’re psyched to show off on LinkedIn? While there’s no one way to get started, there are a few things you can do to set yourself up for awesomeness. I have been lucky to work with a variety of clients including bloggers, e-commerce start-ups, health food restauranteurs, and small business owners.

Starting your new biz? Let’s talk logos, mood boards, and brand style guides. A beautiful visual presence, both online and offline, can transform your small business into an inspiring, engaging brand.

Like many other things in our lives these days, a lot of customer interaction happens online. We’ll take you through the process of creating a website, building social media campaigns, and so much more!

We tend to not see boundaries between social, content marketing, and branding. If you want to attract the right customers and make some extra moolah, you have to have the right kind of content.

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