How To Set Up The Yoast SEO Plugin In WordPress


How to Set Up the Yoast Plugin in WordPress | Anna Crowe

“SEO” might be a scary-sounding three-lettered term, but it just means making sure your website is clean and spam-free. Once you’ve demystified the word, learning to do it yourself really isn’t so tough. And, Yoast SEO helps perfect your on-site SEO techniques.

We all dream of achieving the high traffic to our website. As a professional SEOer, I see so many clients with their websites in its natural state — only to learn they already have the Yoast SEO plugin installed. They’re just not using it.

To create your awesome SEO strategy, all you need is an open mind — and the Yoast SEO plugin to work in some of the magic. And experimenting with these features that the Yoast SEO plugin already gives you,  will keep your efforts even more on-point; choose one, and you’re SEO’s done.

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