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Free Printable Weekly Planner | Anna Crowe

There are a lot of articles and blog posts out there telling you how to set daily and weekly goals to maintain a healthy, happy life. This, however, is not one of them. I had to admit, I am ah-mazing at goal setting, but actually sticking to my goals is a whole other story. But for those of you who like having a pretty printable template to set goals and outline whatever your daily routine might be, I designed a simple printable to track!

My favorite feature? The simplicity. As a designer, blogger, wife, and dog owner, sometimes I’m so overwhelmed with what life can throw my way that it’s best to keep things simple. I personally try to break down my days into small groups of achievable tasks. I used to be an overachiever (guilty!) but I realize after maaaaany long nights that I just can’t do it all. So keeping my daily to do lists down to a minimum has helped me maintain a healthy and HAPPY lifestyle. I’m a big supporter of setting unrealistic goals because I’m a dreamer at heart, but this is more for a get sh*t done tactic. This helps to maintain momentum and keep my “dream big” goals actionable and attainable.

Whether you’re trying to get to that yoga class you’ve been trying to go to all week or working to bring your dreams to life, this printable template set is a pretty way to help you get on track.

Simply download the printable, cut out the cards and starting aiming for those goals! Then comes hard part…sticking to your goals. But it really does feel so good to check them off the list.


  1. Please download the free printable PDF.
  2. Print the PDF onto your A4 paper.
  3. Cut out the cards.
  4. Write down the goals you’d like to accomplish for the week.
  5. Put your goal reminder up somewhere so you’ll stay focused!

I hope you love this insight into my weekly life and goal making. I’d love to hear if you have any tactics you use to achieve your big dreams throughout the week. I always love hearing from you and new ways to upgrade my mindset.

Weekly lists - blog printable

Do you have any recommendations or requests for printables? Leave me a comment or send me an email – I love getting feedback!

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